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There's a problem with sexual information from the top medical web sites. "Even widely trusted sites like Web MD are not that accurate when it comes to adolescent reproductive health," says Dr.

DISC 7 Artist Henry Red Allen (with Luis Russell) Title Jersey Lightning Composer Russell Album Henry Red Allen 1929-1936 Label BBC Number 685 Track 2 Duration 3.23 Performers: Henry Allen, Bill Coleman, t; J C Higginbotham, tb; Albert Nicholas, Charlie Holmes, Teddy Hill, reeds; Will Johnson, bj; Luis Russell, p; Pops Foster, b; Paul Barbarin, d.

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interview with the editors and contributors to a new book collection, She's Such a Geek: Women Write About Science, Technology, and Other Nerdy Stuff, immediately after a very controversial interview with Joe Quirk that looked at gender and geeks from a sociobiological (and some might say ) perspective. I'm going to read from the introduction that both Charlie and I wrote: We didn't realize how sorely needed this book was until we emailed a few people asking if they knew any women who might want to write stories about their lives as nerds.

I didn't push this interview with book editors Annalee Newitz and Charlie Anders, and contributor Quinn Norton in the direction of nature versus nurture. Nevertheless, the interview seems kind of like a counterpoint — or alternative — to Quirk's views regarding women and technology. So maybe we're bringing back Ozzie — bringing back the cool-ness of geeks. You can smash the beaker against the table, and use it as a weapon. But we feel that our experiences — and lots of other people's experiences — show that female geeks tend to become invisible in the larger geek cloud. And she was right there at the inaugural moments of inventing the computer. Our request got passed from mailbox to mailbox, and soon it was getting blogged — Boing posted it, and so did Star

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