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His legal cases continue as authorities are actively investigating his connection to unsolved murders.Decades after Alcala’s horrific crimes, the victims’ families are still grappling with the pain that he inflicted.Luckily, a passing motorist saw the strange interaction… When police broke into Rodney’s apartment shortly after, they found Tali alive, but she had been beaten and raped. He was at large, and he posed an enormous threat to whomever he came in contact with.There was no telling how many more victims he would hurt until police captured him.When you see his tale, you might become obsessed with his case, too…The story of Rodney Alcala was one of the most intriguing and disturbing criminal cases in history.

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Connelly recalls what happened when the authorities arrived at her house.

In order to evade arrest, Rodney changed his name and got a counseling job at a children’s art camp in New Hampshire—a particularly horrifying thought, given his diagnosis and his crimes. Tali Shapiro’s family had relocated to Mexico, and her parents refused to allow her to testify in the case.

Incredibly, two children who were attending the New Hampshire art camp recognized Rodney’s picture on an FBI poster, and their parents quickly alerted authorities. This allowed Rodney to plead to the much lesser charge of assault.

In 1978, authorities—who had no idea that Rodney had killed Ellen just a year earlier—questioned him as a potential suspect in the notorious Los Angeles Hillside Strangler case.

After thorough questioning, Rodney was eventually ruled out.

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