Elvis presley dating he died

It was a very casual evening - a family atmosphere.Elvis was sitting in a chair when I arrived and he got up and shook my hand.Alimony payments have not yet been worked out, but on all counts the divorce is completely amicable. Today Priscilla Beaulieu Presley looks forward to a new life of her own.After five years as the wife of one of the world's most famous entertainers, Priscilla Ann Beaulieu remains a mystery. Y., on May 24, 1945 to Ann Iversen and Lieutenant Joseph P. When she was ten, her father - by then Captain Beaulieu - was transferred to Austin, Tex. To find out more about her - who she is, where she has been, and where she is going - the Journal talked with her at her penthouse apartment, where the name on the bell reads: Beaulieu Courtship The apartment décor is sheer and soft: billowy organdy curtains, calico sofas. Curiously, too, there's not a photograph or a memento in view to suggest that the apartment's occupant had been the wife of Elvis Presley.'They asked me how it was, and I told them exactly what had happened: that Elvis was very nice and warm and cordial, but that I never thought I'd see him again. One of Priscilla's outstanding qualities is her sensitivity to Elvis.Then he called.'At first, my parents said that I shouldn't date Elvis, that I was too young, which was true. During the whole time she dated him she never breathed a word to anyone.But as far as his personal life is concerned, he's very secretive'.Her intuitive sense about Presley may be why the relationship survived after he left Germany. But Elvis called and talked to them, and I finished my senior year at the Immaculate Conception High School in Memphis'.

The King of Rock was known to carry on affairs with women, including his Hollywood co-stars.

'I didn't have great fantasies about meeting him', she recalls laughingly, 'but I do remember that when my father told us he was being sent to Weisbaden Air Base, I mentioned jokingly that Elvis was stationed nearby and maybe we would get a chance to meet him.

My mother said 'I wouldn't let you walk across the street to see Elvis Presley', which seems funny now, doesn't it?

Elvis Presley met Priscilla Beaulieu when she was just 14 years old.

He was 10 years older, and already a rock 'n' roll superstar.

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