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Collected essays and articles of different dates, which I recommend you save to disk since the book has been subject to censorship).

Russell's book was important to me personally, in the same way that the unpeeling of 9/11 has been an important awakening point to many people more recently.

Two Tiers of Money: Understanding Money, Banks, Jews, and Varieties of Capitalism | Kevin B. | Parasitism | Scientific Nationalism | Nuclear Scepticism and Revisionism | Jewish Murders & Mass Murders | Jew Process | Cheese-Eating Surrender Monkeys? | Paper Money: Incentive for Harm, and Warrant for Genocide | Straws in the Wind & Mental Drag | How Jews Use Blacks | Protocols of Zion and the Case of the Absent Genre | Inappropriate Politeness | How White Is White Violence?

Readers may be aware that Jews were likely to have been the principal, though undeclared, 'nation', and possibly controlled the entire war, with puppets/associates in every country.This article was suggested to me by an online discussion, and differences in attitudes to military activity that it revealed. It seemed obvious to me that, in a war obviously soon to be lost, a clever manoeuvre was about as relevant as a well-performed piece of theatre in a disaster zone.And it seemed obvious that the whole presentation of wars has been distorted by the usual suspects, for the usual reasons, and aimed at the usual people. People who carefully budget, and agonise over, specifications and prices of a motor bike or car, I suppose find it natural that governments should pay large amounts for tanks or helicopters or bombing planes, without considering the costs—and the costs cannot be evaded; they aren't donated by patriots.If they are unable to turn to anything else, they may remain a long-term menace.Jewish propagandists had several aims: • Jewish aims and activities in the then-present had to be concealed; this was probably the most important single aim.

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