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Until a few years ago, the original Japanese dating sims as a genre were fairly straight-laced, with most games falling in line with the same set of rules: they often had a high school setting and the relationships were pretty heteronormative, with the earliest ones specifically being of the one guy/harem of girls variety.Love interests had set, stereotypical personalities you doggedly mimicked if you wanted to get anywhere with them.no.: 7AJN03 First Aired: September 30, 2012 Guest Starring: Nathan Fillion Featuring: Hayley Smith, Roger Also Appearing: Stan, Francine, Klaus, Steve, Stelio Kontos, Jeff Fischer, Felix, Bad Larry, Brett, Quackenbush, Darren, The Red Man Group Musical Numbers: Someone to Watch Over Me, Makin' Whoopee!, Potato Bread Director: Josue Cervantes Assistant Director: John O'Day Writers: Erik Durbin Storyboarders: Casey Coffey, Jamie Iglehart Roger's Disguise: Malt Shop Owner from "Stanny-Boy and Frantastic" Plot: After casually insulting Hayley for taking the last of the potato bread he overhears her singing in the shower and invites her to sing at his bar.

It’s important to say here that a gimmick isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

These parameters, though they’ve widened with time, have become so established and so recognisable that inevitably people were going try to twist the rigid format into new and exciting shapes. It released way back in 2011 and centres on a human girl looking for love in a high school full of pigeons.

After the initial bafflement subsided, players fell in love with the game’s surreal concept and surprisingly good storyline, and for a small game with little to no promotion, word of it spread like wildfire.

Her singing becomes a hit and Roger develops a crush on Hayley.

After trying unsuccessfully to break off his feelings for her, Roger shoots Hayley but finds that doesn't end his feelings for her.

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